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Second-year doctorate student at Kyushu University department of Advanced Information Technology, Intelligent Information Engineering course. 

Interests: ICT and mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, Healthcare accessibility and social business

Skills: Web programming, database management, public speaking and English communication

Hobbies: Photography, travel

  • Display name: Jecinta Kamau
  • Country: Japan

About Jecinta

Jecinta Kamau is currently a doctorate student at department of Advanced Information Technology where she also attained MSc. in Intelligent Information Engineering. She is concurrently a member of Graduate school of Decision Science for a Sustainable Society.  Her research interest is in using ICT tools to improve mobility systems for developing countries, particularly, demand responsive transportation. Her research is supported by Toyota Motor Corporation and Grameen Communications in Bangladesh. She is also interested in delivery of healthcare for the undeserved societies. 


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